What They Say

Chuck Marohnic brings that wonderful combination of jazz artistry and authentic worship to his music ministry at the Scottsdale Congregational UCC. His capacity to lead, to support, and to enhance the movement and rhythm of worship brings the liturgy to a full-voiced praise of God. In Chuck Marohnic music art and the liturgy are one.

Tex Sample

Coordinator of the Network for the Study of U.S. Lifestyles

Author of: The Spectacle of Worship in a Wired World

What really impresses me about Chuck Marohnic is not only his extraordinary musicianship, but the way he combines his musical gifts with a solid - even inspired - sense of worship aesthetics. Chuck worships as he plays, and plays as he worships. Anymore, I don't even think of Chuck as a pianist. He himself is an instrument. God plays through him, and does so in ways that open us up more fully to God's Presence, inspiring us to both higher and deeper levels of worship.

Rev. Eric E. Elnes, Ph.D.

Senior Pastor
Countryside Community Church
Omaha, NE.

Chuck Marohnic is much, much more than a terrific jazz pianist and band leader/educator. He turns his art into corporate worship. The liturgical result of his committed Christian creativity is not a weekly showpiece, but, rather, the foundation of the finest innovative worship experiences I have ever known.

Eugene L. Lowry

Wm. K. McElvaney Professor of Preaching Emeritus
Saint Paul School of Theology, Kansas City, Mo.

Chuck Marohnic is God's minister whose music resonates gospel brio with holy ardor and elan. Chuck's musical disciplines and imagination set him free to soar and take audiences and congregations with him.

Rev. Edwin Grant

Pastor Emeritus
United Methodist Church

Marohnic's playing is marked by his clarity of voicing and musical purpose. His respect for both tradition and his own vision puts him at the forefront of contemporary pianists.

Downbeat Magazine

This extraordinary trio could become the standard of interactive mastery in this decade.

Cadence Magazine

Marohnic's ingenious changes and arrangements are not to be overlooked.

Rolling Stone Magazine

Chuck Marohnic belies the sophomoric adage that those who can, do, while those who can't, teach.

Downbeat Magazine

Marohnic's solo piano piece is worth the price of the entire CD.

International Trumpet Journal

Marohnic achieves an exceptional agenda of gorgeous music.

Herb Wong

Jazz Educator's Journal

Chuck Marohnic plays music that is familiar, almost scholarly so, and which manages to be both fresh and personal.

Downbeat Magazine

Chuck Marohnic exhibits an extrapolative linear approach and a free flowing conception. His trio playing creates the kind of interplay and lyrical impressionism found in the Evans Village Vanguard sessions.

Jazztimes Magazine

Chuck Marohnic is a truly original voice and you are going to love what he has to say. His music is high art which will challenge and delight, a feast of color and nuance that is as beautiful as it is exciting.

Shawnee Press