A great new CD of all original music celebrating the beauty of the earth featuring Chuck Marohnic, piano, Fred Forney, tpt, Dwight Kilian, bass and Dom Moio, drums on the new Ravenswave label for 2005.

"Truly beautiful music by all the musicians and Chuck's best work to date."
David Friesen

Tune List:
  • Justice for the Earth
  • Be Still and Listen
  • Val Vista
  • Spirits
  • Hummingbird
  • Sanctus
  • Wish For Our Children
  • Uncommon Touch
  • Delicate Balance

This CD documents the music of three trios that I have had the pleasure of playing with over the years. All the trios show sensitive interaction and great chemistry. These are people that I found unbelievably easy to play with. The constantly give of themselves to the dictates of the music and they do it without reservation. The combined synergistic effect cannot be overlooked...

"Opening the album with a beautifully thoughtful and introspective piano line, met by whispering upright bass, Chuck Marohnic's album "Trios" takes the mind and heart into exquisite worlds of lush, dripping harmonies and earthy rhythmic footing. As the album moves on and awakens like a spring morning, every track is rich with detail and crafted with attention to subtlety, making use of and milking every note for its unique purpose. With a shuffley and meditative quality reminiscent of Bill Evans and Brad Mehldau, this album casts quite an enchanting spell over its lucky listeners. Bravo!"
CD Baby

[Trio 1]:  Chuck Marohnic - pno | David Friesen - bass | Joe LaBarbera - drums
[Trio 2]:  Chuck Marohnic - pno | Dave Philips - bass | Tony Moreno - drums
[Trio 3]:  Chuck Marohnic - pno | Dwight Killian - bass | Dom Moio - drums

"Chuck Marohnic's new CD 'Trios' is a beautiful and thoughtful collection of trio music...Chuck Marohnic plays with such animated, heartfelt feeling...there is a very stirring resonance in each and every note he plays...a joy and clarity that really uplifts the spirit!"
David Friesen

"This latest offering by Mr. Marohnic reflects his ongoing commitment to interactive integrity. The trio format is realized only when all parties are fully attentive and responsive to the topic at hand, regardless of the instrument that introduces it. In these three separate settings, the integrity stands tall to the music."
Vince Maggio, Emeritus Prof of Jazz Piano, U of Miami

Tune List:
  • Pages of Stone  [2]
  • An Uncommon Touch  [2]
  • With a Song In My Heart  [3]
  • Suggestion of An Invitation  [1]
  • Ascesis  [1]
  • Many Mansions  [2]
  • And Then There Were 3  [2]
  • Old Folks  [3]
  • Magoo  [2]
  • Somewhere in the Middle  [1]

Featuring sanctuary jazz music, this CD vigorously celebrates God's comma—and the diversity of ways God continues to speak to our world—even as it appreciates what has come before. Includes hip, new compositions & arrangements by Chuck. 58 min.

Chuck Marohnic - pno | Over a dozen special guests

Tune List:
  • Listen
  • Lord God, You Know Me
  • Jesus in the House
  • Feed My Lambs
  • Give It Up
  • Just One Thing
  • The Bible In 50 Words
  • The Canticle
  • 23rd Psalm
  • Grace
  • Now On Land and Sea Descending
White Men Can't Monk

Downbeat magazine says "Marohnic plays music that is familiar, almost scholarly so, and which manages to be both fresh and personal". Continuing, "He (Stowell) plays amplified guitar as if he were surrounded by fine crystal... slow burning, sustained energy..." Summit Records, DCD 291. 54 min.

Chuck Marohnic - piano | John Stowell - guitar | Dwight Kilian - bass | Dom Moio - drums

Tune List:
  • Nardis
  • Dreamsville
  • Unformed People
  • Some of These Things
  • Nobody Else But Me
  • Dream Dancing
  • Peau Douce
  • Celeste
Sanctuary Jazz

Hear the solo piano recording of this now well read book of jazz piano arrangements of church hymns. Joseph Martin, senior keyboard editor for Shawnee Press calls this work "A new and fresh idea". Beautifully recorded and mastered.

Chuck Marohnic - solo piano

Tune List:
  • Amazing Grace
  • Here I Am, Lord
  • Do Lord
  • Great is Thy Faithfulness
  • A Mighty Fortress
  • Children's Medley
  • Doxology
  • Be Thou My Vision
  • Morning Has Broken
  • Surely the Presence of the Lord
  • You Satisfy the Hungry Heart
  • How Great Thou Art
  • Do Lord (Alternate Take)
Jazz! The Marohnic, Hopkins, Pilafian Jazz Nonet

Three of the most influential tunes of the "Cool" jazz era combine with new arrangements inspired by the Miles/Gil Evans "Birth of the Cool". Great writing by Hopkins and excellent soloing throughout. Summit Records, DCD 229, 51 min.

Greg Hopkins - tpt | Gary Carney - tbn | Russell Scarbrough - tbn | Sam Pilafian - tuba | Scott Zimmer - a.sax | Bryon Ruth - t. sax | Steven Von Wald - b. sax | Chuck Marohnic - pno | Ed Friedland - bs | Dom Moio - drms

Tune List:
  • Boplicity
  • Hidden Agenda
  • Bas Relief
  • Israel
  • Mode to John
  • Just Blues
  • Moondreams
  • Mystic Valley
Live at Inspirations Coffeehouse

A really nice evening of live jazz at the now legendary Inspirations Coffeehouse in Phoenix, AZ. Excellent playing that showcases a great tenor sax player, Bob Kindred with Chuck Marohnic's trio. His playing comes out of the Stan Getz, Warren Vache tradition of melodic improvisors. Streams Records, S1002, 50 min.

Kindred - sax | Marohnic - pno | Jones - bs | Moio - drms

Tune List:
  • There's No You
  • Doxy
  • In a Sentimental Mood
  • Let's Cool One
  • Blood Count
  • How Deep is the Ocean
  • Ba-lue Bolivar Ba-lues
Desert Spirit, Concerto for Jazz Piano & Orchestra

Premier performance of this exiting and new jazz concerto. Inspired by the parable of the Prodigal Son. Beautifully arranged by renowned writer, Joey Sellers. This special recording is available only through Chuck Marohnic and this Web site. CDR format, 25 min.

Chuck Marohnic - pno | Tom Warrington - bs | Dom Moio - drms | Arizona State University Symphony Orchestra, Sam Pilafian, conductor

Tune List:
  • Movement #1 - Acceptance
  • Movement #2 - Purgation
  • Movement #3 - Communion
Desert Spirit, The Music of Chuck Marohnic

Beautifully played and recorded. This CD is perfect for quiet listening and contemplative moments. All original compositions by Chuck Marohnic. Can be used in both secular and sacred settings. Streams Records, S1001, 60 min.

Frank Vignola - gtr | David Friesen - bs | Tom Warrington - bs | Chuck Marohnic - pno | Alan Jones - drms | Dom Moio - drms | Vicki McDermitt - vocal | Edwin Grant - narration

Tune List:
  • Wonders of Old
  • January Rain
  • Tree of Life
  • The Storyteller
  • Many Mansions
  • It Is Finished
  • The Narrow Door
  • Desert Spirit
  • The Majesty
  • Coffeehouse Blues
  • Narrow Door (reprise)